Thursday, 26 November 2015

Healings and Prophetic words

One of the translators, Anne (wife of the leading elder, Patrick, who leads a team of senior pastors and wives, each with responsibility for village churches around Malawi led by rural local assistant pastors) asked for prayer. 13 years previously, she had been in a serious car accident, in which her right arm was severed then rejoined with metal, and two of her internal organs had been fused together. She was in constant, unrelenting  pain.
The next morning she testified that she had woken pain free for the first time in 13 years! Glory to God!
Andy prophesied to her that God had heard her heart's desire and was going to use her in evangelism. She laughed and said, 'My husband and I were talking about these things exactly as you've said in our bedroom this morning!' Sounds like Elisha and the king!
One of the young pastors received a vision about his colleague doing training, from another town, far away. He 'saw' the man's 'cottage' with straw roof, path leading up to it with his wife and 2 children standing outside. This was an accurate description of the man's home and family he had never seen. God was saying that although the man is far from home, He Himself is taking care of his family. Beautiful.

The senior pastor who looks after the assistants said at the end of our time with them, 'You have set these men on fire, they will never be the same again.' Our host also said, 'They will take this fire all over Malawi.'