Thursday, 26 November 2015

GOD rules over the Nations

We sang this powerful declaration song in our gathering last Sunday,

God rules over the nations
He rules from His holy throne
Exalt Him over the nations
Power is His alone.

Worthy is the Lamb, holy is His Name
Slain from the earth's foundation
Worthy is the Lamb, Jesus is His Name
To Him be all honour and praise.

Faith rose and heaven responded inspiring prophetic song amongst us and a sense of thousand times 10 thousand angels being released into the earth.
We are going to meet for a dedicated time of high praise, declaration and prophetic intercession in the next week. Holy Spirit is all over this!

Healings and Prophetic words

One of the translators, Anne (wife of the leading elder, Patrick, who leads a team of senior pastors and wives, each with responsibility for village churches around Malawi led by rural local assistant pastors) asked for prayer. 13 years previously, she had been in a serious car accident, in which her right arm was severed then rejoined with metal, and two of her internal organs had been fused together. She was in constant, unrelenting  pain.
The next morning she testified that she had woken pain free for the first time in 13 years! Glory to God!
Andy prophesied to her that God had heard her heart's desire and was going to use her in evangelism. She laughed and said, 'My husband and I were talking about these things exactly as you've said in our bedroom this morning!' Sounds like Elisha and the king!
One of the young pastors received a vision about his colleague doing training, from another town, far away. He 'saw' the man's 'cottage' with straw roof, path leading up to it with his wife and 2 children standing outside. This was an accurate description of the man's home and family he had never seen. God was saying that although the man is far from home, He Himself is taking care of his family. Beautiful.

The senior pastor who looks after the assistants said at the end of our time with them, 'You have set these men on fire, they will never be the same again.' Our host also said, 'They will take this fire all over Malawi.'

Monday, 13 July 2015

Testimonies from Malawi

'Trusting Me you will be unshakeable and assured, deeply at peace' John 16 MSG
This is the scripture which enabled us to go to Malawi, in spite of both circumstances and health screaming that we were mad to do it at that time! God was so faithful, and we had the most fruitful time yet. Every person we prayed for, the pain left immediately - chest, head, internal, limb, ear, whatever! People were so hungry for the living Word of LIFE that produces tangible results and changed lives.
Holy Spirit had shown me a broad sword laid accross my hands - the Word we were to take there, and a signet ring showing we were authorised by Him.
The Firestarters training really did set the young assistant pastors on fire - some of them received a powerful baptism in the Holy Spirit for the first time - one young man couldn't sleep after prayer. Andy had told him, 'You'll have an encounter with God tonight and you'll speak in tongues. He went into the church buliding to pray at 1am, felt as if he was going to vomit and was so concerned not to do that in the church, he tried in vain to hold it in - it burst out of him - and it was tongues!! He stayed there praying until 5am!

Fruitful Year

Since our last update we've been to Barnstaple several times to share with the Living Wells church family, done 2 of the 3 weekend Firestarters training sessions in Ireland, finished Firestarters training  in Kent, ministered in Malawi for 3 weeks and been blessed to be with our local church family at Tim and Elaine's home! We also held a worship night at our local anglican church in the village of Hemighton, where we meet weekly to pray with the rector and others. We supported the village Open Days by teaching Cruisin' lessons - a simple kind of Rock 'n Roll!
We've taken in a few conferences - Lionheart with Aliss & Rob Cresswell & Bobby Connor - we served on the prophetic teams, European Leaders' Advance with Bill Johnson, Kris Valloton and Paul Mainwaring, will be going to Days of Wonder with Company of burning Hearts, and an apostolic workshop with Paul keith Davies. A busy and productive year so far!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Prophetic and Angelic visions

Apologies that we have not kept the Blog up to date with these, but have only sent them out by email. Now that I'm getting the hang of using my tablet, I expect to change this - & hopefully add pictures!

HOPE Silent Night national initiative

Leafleted whole village & district with invites to the Silent Night Sing along at the Falkland Inn.
God BLESS & prosper landlords Jane & John who welcomed us so warmly!
Night was a great success, pub was full, people joining in animatedly  ('Where have you been? You're so LIVELY, just what this village needs') & listening intently to the moving narrative juxtaposing the WW1 Christmas Truce with the first Christmas story, & reading the WW1 & modern testimonies on each table. One young man told a friend who came in at the end "AW, you missed the JOY " & did a little dance!
We've been asked back next year!


Supported Remembrance service at local CofE church, took large pencil WW1 drawing by Andy's Grandad at their request. Good to be involved locally.