Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Kingdom advance!

More testimonies are coming in from Malawi, we give God all the praise for every life touched with His Love and Truth.
Leaders are coming together with one heart, like never before, God's Kingdom increases and advances without end!
In our Firestarters meeting on Sunday,
Andy noticed a lady had 2 new walking sticks and felt to pray for her. The Holy Spirit said, 'Yes! Go and pray for her NOW - don't wait!' (Not like Andy to do anything in a hurry! I'm the impulsive one, he thinks more!) Immediately he touched her back he felt a very powerful anointing, she said afterwards that she'd felt the same. He listened to the Holy Spirit and only said what he heard, others listened and prayed too. He asked how she felt, she said 'My knee moved of its own accord.' 'Can you stand up?' (She had been bent over, hobbling with pain) 'Yes, I can stand on my knee now without pain in my back or hip.' She stood upright and walked - without her sticks! Glory to Jesus!!