Saturday, 16 June 2012

We apologise for being absent for so long! We have not been inactive, but rather, busier than before! We are also in process of updating the website, we praise God for the growth and increase we have experienced over the last 2 years. It is exciting, and sometimes scary! to be a part of something organic, not static, that is able to change as the Holy Spirit leads and as people move into new seasons in their lives.
We will have a new place on the site for associate ministries; some are people who have grown out from Restoration Blueprint, others are Kingdom connections. We celebrate every growth and expansion in God's Kingdom.
Andy & Patti are increasingly being looked to as spiritual mothers and fathers to various church groups in UK, Ireland and Malawi, all based on relationship, not titles.
Tim and Elaine are also in a new season. Tim now works in Plymouth, whilst still living at Sandford,  and Elaine has a limited company - 'fire to create' which uses her many creative skills in jewellery, ceramics, art & crafts to inspire adults and children, to learn and to create their own masterpieces!
More Exciting News! 
Godfrey Birtill will be with us in the Somerset/Bath area, for an Uproar of FAITH-HOPE-and-JOY-filled worship and prayer for the nation on Friday September 14th. venue to be arranged but BOOK the Date!
Next meeting at Sandford, Sunday June 24th, 3pm, we host James Hadfield, a modern day Smith Wigglesworth with a more colourful past and amazing testimony! He's a man on fire!