Sunday, 5 February 2012

Women who Change the World

Broken hearts making History. 18th February United Reformed church rooms 1pm-8pm approx
Inspirational testimonies of lives rescued  and restored from abuse, spiritualism and the occult, poverty and despair in India, by the love of God, now rescuing and restoring others. None of these women are leaders' wives, or prominent speakers - you too can change the world!
Cost - £12 to include a high class authentic Indian 3 course meal, amusing talk on spicing up your life and Bollywood dancing demo! Plus music that brings heaven to earth! Meal, 5pm-8pm now open to men too!
To request a registration form: email Closing date for registering is now 14th February.

A Prophecy for the UK

Given to Jim Edwards Nov 30th 2011.
The hunble and servant hearted who listen out for My voice and direction shall rise up in these days that are coming and do mighty exploits. They shall be as bold as lions and through them I will perform signs and wonders that will shake this nation to its core. They will not be done in secret or in a side street, but in the blazing glare of all.
There is a mighty tidal wave coming that is already gaining momentum as it sweeps this earth. The blood of the martyrs in your land and the countries of Europe is not pleading 'vengeance', but 'Marcy!' as are the voices around the throne before Me. As a God of Mercy, can I not heed their cry?
There will be many naysayers come, even using My name. Do not even give them the time of day. I will visit this land of yours (UK) and greater will be the latter glory of My house established in your midst, than any former.
Your children will go to the furthest corners of your continent performing signs and wonders that will bring much glory to My Son Jesus, and win many nations to Me, from the lowest tramp in the gutter, to Kings and Princes. Your land is a springboard for reaching many countries and nations.
But many who are building their empires using My Name, will despise and miss this wave as it comes. Great, and public will be their shame and humiliation. Those who are too hard-hearted or possessed by unbelief - I will pass by. 
But your sons and your daughters - your 'delicate ones' will trample sickness, disease and demonic attack. I will be a mighty sword in their mouths and the lies of cancer, freemasonry and Islam will be seen to publicly bow the knee to the name of Jesus.
I shall have a bride for My Son, and she shall be glorious, out of every tribe and every nation.
Governments and people in 'high places', influential people who speak against the Kingdom that I am building will be rapidly cast down and will not be heard of again. They will be replaced by men and women who search out My wisdom, My ways and lean on Me, and are quick to respond to My voice.
Have no fear of anything, but that you will miss out in that day through your own pride or foolishness.
Has not ALL power and authority on the earth been given to My Son? Pray His prayer, that My Kingdom come and My will be done in your midst as it is in heaven.
I will bring humble men and women from distant places, who are mighty in Me. And I am raising up those in your midst already. They will captivate a generation, in a moment, with the ways of the Kingdom of heaven.
A fatherless generation that has rings in their noses will I draw unto Me. I will put a noose through their rings and draw them unto Me, and they will know great intimacy, fun, laughter and healing as they know Me and learn what it is to have a father. And those that tattoo themselves - I will tattoo My name on their hearts and they will acknowledge no other Lord.
But you of this present generation - will you prepare yourself for this move of Mine? Will you begin the outreach process, reaching to those outcast and neglected? Will you build relationships and foundations for churches to care for and minister to this huge influx of people when it comes?
You see pictures of Reinhard Bonnke's crusades in Africa and wish that this could happen here. More than this you will see for your population is much higher, and I want no-one to be lost. For My Son when He is lifted high will draw All men unto Me.
People will knock on your door to learn the way of salvation, but will you close the door because of the time of day and the inconvenience, or will you lead them in the sinner's prayer?
'Prepare ye the way of the Lord'.