Sunday, 3 July 2011

Women of Ireland

A team of 14 travelled to Ireland for a day conference, including sons and daughters of the Restoration Blueprint team, who led worship, shared their stories, prophesied and prayed for the glorious women of Ireland. Along with others like them, these women are the hope of their nation. It was beautiful to see the way the whole team flowed together, honouring and preferring one another, all bent on encouraging, empowering and releasing those precious daughters of destiny into the plans and purposes Daddy God has for them.

Significant prophesies were given:

Ireland is ready, having the infrastructure in place for a second wave of prosperity. The first did not last as it was based on the ideas of man, but the coming prosperity will flow out from families - the real strength and treasure of the land. It will last and it will be a testimony to the real source of the revival of the Kingdom in Ireland.
A picture of a geyser. There will be a shift in techtonic plates, causing underground springs to burst forth onto the land. Techtonic plates were seemingly impossible when theorised, too big to move, but they cause earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt.
Letting your light shine is not about putting a candle in a jar; it's about being consumed by the fire of God. Glass is brittle, but under super heat it becomes maleable and can be reshaped and strengthened. (Toughened glass becomes so by the application of heat!) God is wanting women who burn with passion for Jesus, who have been consumed by the power of God, who will shine forth brightly.

2 were healed, one of rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, now pain free and flexible again, glory to God! The other one's hips were out of alignment, now are perfectly straightened! God is great.

Andy and Patti then stayed in Ireland to share at 2 prayer groups, where the Holy Spirit touched people with His Love and Goodness, as well as significant times of further relationship building. God's mountain is rising, it is glorious and it will fill the whole earth.