Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mzuzu and Lilongwe

Andy and I stepped up a gear as we served the beautiful people of God in Malawi. Andy prophesied in greater depth - speaking words of knowledge then releasing destiny words, just like our mentor, Joe Corry. The leaders said they were blessed by the insight, wisdom and revelation shared.
It was so much fun to have our friends Ursula and Andrew Coombs with us for the first 10 days, they were such a support and encouragement. They moved up a gear too! Ursula prayed for one woman with abdominal pain, she felt something move under her hand - the pain had gone! Another woman's eyes were healed as she prayed.
The people loved Andrew's simple teaching with humour, and his father heart.

Almost everyone we prayed for with pain was instantly healed. We had a miracle of finding a man I met in Mzuzu market last year, with only a P.O. Box of a school to go on - in the mountains! He couldn't read his Bible, so I'd promised to get him spectacles. After driving for an hour up and down steep and winding dirt tracks, we came across a truck of people. Our driver knew one of them, soon we were surrounded by others needing glasses to read. One dear lady danced for joy in the road when she found she could read the paper we showed her! We asked if they knew our man - they did! He was in the village at the top of the mountain! We found him - to his astonishment as he was 8K from his home! He remembered me & was amazed we'd come from England with his glasses!

We taught around 200 leaders in 3 locations, many were receptive to the message of Kindom rather than focussing only on church. many are wanting to work in teams rather than one-man ministry. They want us to come again.
We'll all be doing a presentation of our trip, with more testimonies, on 15th December  in Sandford, all are welcome. (email for address details)


Aliss was amazing! So naturally supernatural she inspired us all to more. Many words of knowledge, healing, people released and envisioned. Testimonies coming in of people stepping out more boldly as a result. Aliss felt a heart connection with us, we may work more closely in the future!