Tuesday, 7 December 2010

GOD stories and last meetings of 2010!

WOW! LOVE Christmas! THE Christ, the Messiah, the Saviour of the world who made His home among us, so He could come and live in us by the Holy Spirit and become one with us - our Father,  Jesus and the Spirit of God all celebrating life with us; every moment of every day loved, loved ,loved by the One who IS Love! Staggering.

'How silently, how silently the wondrous Gift is given; so God imparts to human hearts the blessing of His heaven. No ear may hear His coming, but, in this world of sin, where meek souls will receive Him, still the dear Christ enters in.'
Don't you just love Him! It moves me to tears, the tenderness and embrace of our Daddy God.

Andy and Patti are grateful to God for a fruitful 3 weeks, ministering the Word and Presenceof God in Umberleigh, Newport and Newbury. God gave accurate words of knowledge and prophecy, and His Word came with revelation of 'Christ in you', 'imminent Revival' and 'real Bible Hope'. People's lives were changed - a Muslim lady received partial healing and gave her life to Jesus. There were power encounters of the Kingdom, tears, laughter and people overcome by His goodness. God is amazing!
Tim came with us to Newbury, and ministered sensitively in worship as always, and people were lifted in His Presence.
Patti has been doing a Bible study for the past 3 weeks with a young ex-offender and his elderly neighbour, after sharing a meal together and then we pray for any needs. We are all encouraged by the answers! We will be starting Alpha with them soon, and others looking for a new life out of darkness.

Sandford Sunday 12th December: 3pm: Carols by candlelight, Good News message, mince pies and cream! 'Tis the season to be Jolly - and Merry'! We have a real reason to celebrate! Let's release the Joy to the world! All warmly welcome.
We pray the best Christmas ever for you and your loved ones, and may JESUS be lifted high!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Back from Bethel!

Roy & Sarah are just back from Bethel and will be sharing their stories in Sandford on Sunday 14th November at 3pm, all welcome. Email restorationblueprint@hotmail.com for directions.

Friday, 5 November 2010

A Vision of Revival in the UK: click on the link below

A Vision of Revival in the UK - Andrew Pearkes (Maranatha Ministries, Exeter)

This is a highly important, highly significant prophetic vision which is in absolute agreement with the 2 visions given in the 60's by 2 men unknown to each other (see PROPHECIES right). It is exciting that the Holy Spirit is emphasising it again, we strongly believe the time is NOW!

It's up to us - will we be ready this time?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Shaking and quaking in the presence of God!

Wow!! What an awesome time we had in both Nailsea and Twerton as the power of the presence of God strongly impacted many lives changing people forever. 4 young people surrendered their lives to Jesus - He was all over them, it was beautiful to see. Joe's preaching was funny, moving, inspiring and uplifting but when the Holy Spirit started to move it was something else. Words of knowledge and prophecy flowed freely, reducing people to tears, or to bow or fall under the weight of glory. Laura also ministered healing in the love and power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is everything. Andy and I were shaking and quaking like never before as Joe prophesied again destiny over us and others we're in relationship with. This is God's time for Britain - it will be great again in God.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Joe and Laura Corry return!

Freedom Meetings sharing together in His Presence in October:
 Sunday 10th October and 24th October at Tim and Elaine's home, Sandford 3pm.
If you would like more information and directions please email restorationblueprint@hotmail.com
Mark these dates in October!
Joe and Laura Corry in Nailsea at the URC 7:30pm Thursday 21st October
Also at Sr Michael's Junior School, Newton Road, Twerton, Bath, BA2 1RW 7:30pm Friday 22nd October

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

It's time for the lambs to become LIONS, with the heart of THE Lamb

This was how Andrew Leakey inspired everyone to rise up and be the people of God who can turn this Nation back to God. He led us in inspired confessions of faith, that we can be and we can do everything anyone in history has ever done or is now doing. It was a blessed day together as His Family, in His presence where there is fullness of joy!

Isaiah 35: The Message
There will be a highway called the Holy Road.....The people God has ransomed will come back on this road. They'll sing as they make their way home to Zion, unfading halos of joy encircling their heads, Welcomed home with gifts of joy and gladness as all sorrows and sighs scurry into the night.

When our sons were children we went on a walking holiday in Wales. On top of one misty mountain, we looked down and saw an amazing sight - a rainbow halo round each of our heads on our giant shadows reflected onto the clouds below, a 'Brocken spectre'. We are crowned with the glory of God, an 'unfading halo of joy.' The Holy Spirit is the Inebriator! and joy is the currency of heaven.

One elderly lady (who is always where the Holy Spirit action is!) said, 'I always knew there was more;' how right she is! Many were encouraged as prophecy flowed and the Body of Christ built itself up in love.

It was fun too! I won't forget Roy climbing out of the pool and chasing a laughing Pam to her car - she made it in time, but he, undeterred, opened the door and gave her a big wet hug as she left for Wales and home! It's so good to be family!
'People need family and people need friends. Structures and programmes encourage people to work, not to make friends, be family or make relationships.' - Andy.
One of the biggest problems in our Nation has been identified as loneliness; the Church, as Jesus is building it, meets that need.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Restoration and Revival in Ireland!

Wow! The team had a fabulous time in beautiful Ballinskelligs, Ireland, combining holiday/team building and ministry in an easy flow praise God! It made us realise and give God thanks for how far the team have come together over the last 2 years, and what diversity, fullness and blessing there is in being a team family. We could never go back to solo ministry.
The people there are amazing with such potential, such generosity and passion for God, we love them and we received from their lives as much if not more than we gave. We'll be back!
Sarah and Elaine shared personal testimony that glorified the God who walks with us through dark and difficult places and brings us out victoriously into His marvellous light, inspiring hope and encouragement in all who heard. One elderly catholic man said it was the best night of his life!
The weekend with Naomi was a blast and a blessing. It is inspiring to see these younger people so on fire and committed - because of love and freedom, not duty. We took them to the lavender farm on Saturday and had the pleasure of Jazz-singer James' voice echoing round the ex-silage tank now greenhouse, giving glory to his Father!
A reminder that a week on Sunday - 8th August, we have the privilege of hosting Grace Community church, and hearing Andrew Leakey share his vision for Revival England. This will be followed by a bring & share lunch, then a dip in the pool for all water-fun lovers! Hope to see you!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Naomi Badu - a fireball from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry will be with us in Sandford on Sunday July 25th at 3pm. Naomi lives so full of the Holy Spirit that she's drunk much of the time on new wine! Naomi led a team to Mexico and saw healing and salvation on the streets as people experienced the power and love of God. Since her return to England she has witnessed 50+ healings. Everyone is welcome.

Andrew Leakey from Grace Community church will be sharing his inspiring Revival vision with us on Sunday 8th August. Meet for worship -11am start, then a bring and share lunch followed by a dip in the pool for any that want! 2 Orchard Drive Sandford, BS25 5RD.

Friday, 14 May 2010

The cloud is rising

We are celebrating what God did last night amongst HIS people, HIS Body. We revel in the transformation taking place in people's lives - an inner transformation that is showing on the outside - people are rising and shining! The glorious liberty of the sons of God is beginning to manifest and we will see more and more in the days to come. We see the beginnings of Revival, though it is a cloud as 'small as a man's hand' yet it is rising.

It was a true freedom meeting, where the only leader was the Holy Spirit. Restoration Blueprint see our role in Nailsea as facilitators, to encourage and envision HIS people and to help release what is already in them.
We heard glorious testimonies of  healing, of provision and restoration. The atmosphere of love, trust and acceptance opened the way for new gifts to be exercised. Every contribution was inspired and inspiring. The Restoration Blueprint dream is being fulfilled! All glory to God, Jesus is getting His Church back.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Next Freedom meetings

Sandford 3pm Sunday 9th May and 23rd May. last time we met was the best time of 'Body ministry' I've ever experienced, everyone contributed & all was inspired! Powerful prayer that released angels, the Church is rising & shining!

Nailsea URC 7:30pm Thursday 13th May

Andy & Patti at Oxford Bible Church Sunday 16th May, preaching at morning and evening meetings

Restoration Blueprint at Kings church Malmesbury Sunday 2nd May

So good to meet with more of the Family this morning, and what a warm welcome we received! Jesus was there, moving amongst us as we gathered in His Name. 'Restoration Blueprint, reviving lives, restoring destiny' lived up to its name again, as 2 team members ministered in their respective anointings and callings in a way they haven't done for 5 years! Glory to Jesus! Lives were watered by the sweet spring rain of the Holy Spirit, many encouraged and some anointed for specific ministry and gift. Jesus is building His Church.

Imminent invasion!

Prophetic word received today during prayer meeting:
God is planning an imminent invasion of the Holy Spirit, but unlike on the Day of Pentecost, it will not be limited to one location, but will happen simultaneously all around the world. No-one will be unaffected by it.
The people who have prophesied that the next Revival is going to start in their city, or their area, are ALL right! Because it will happen everywhere all at once!
Musicians have a significant part to play in this time; those who seek for the Glory of the King, not their own prestige and fame, those who desire to see others released into worship and His holy presence.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

testimony from Bristol

How can I and we at the chapel at Stapleton Road, Easton, Bristol ever thank you and the team enough for arranging such a weekend of ministry, it was great to see Holy Spirit moving, challenging, comforting, restoring, healing and all the other things that happened which is ongoing. The worship was like nothing I've seen in our church for a long time. On a personal note the Lord has been dealing with me in 2 areas mainly, Time and Relationship. I will tell you more when we meet next but for now a big thank you from Stapleton Road Congregational Church. x Gary.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Nailsea Freedom meeting, pursuing His presence

Worship, testimony and Holy Spirit encounters at Nailsea URC in  April. We were changed from glory to glory as we looked into the face of the King. Beautiful sense of His presence, melodic harmonies rising from every heart - no need for a special choir! Celtic prophetic song, testimonies of changed lives, homes and church. Prophetic word given to 2 people simultaneously to open the eyes of our hearts to see Jesus in each other, recognise Him and celebrate Him in each other!
A church leader told how Restoration Blueprint is his lifeline as he gets to meet with people pursuing the same goals. People have taken God at His word and risen to the challenge, now life is an adventure! Our Father delights in using those who others would discount and disqualify, the 'things that are not' to do great exploits in His Name. He reads hearts, He overlooks no-one, each is valued, honoured and esteemed in His eyes.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pastor Joe Corry in Bristol!

With Pastors Joe and Laura Corry from CPC Church, Craigavon, Northern Ireland

At Stapelton Road Chapel, Easton, BRISTOL April 9th-11th
We made some wonderful new friends and were glad to see some familiar ones; we came hungry for more of Jesus and wanting less of me. It was a stirring time of preparation for us all; He really did come in power as we called on His name. The accuracy of the prophetic word was awe inspiring. 3 people gave their lives to Jesus on the last night. We love what you do, Jesus-Healer, Restorer, Deliverer, Reviver!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Ireland March 2010

What a warm welcome we received again from our precious Irish family, old friends and new. We shared from the Word and prayed for people at 3 catholic house/prayer meetings and 2 free church meetings, enjoyed a prayer breakfast at 'My Father's House' and met up with  Pastor Joe Corry in Macroom for the 'Revival Ireland' conference. A couple from N Ireland did a prophetic dance using the Irish flag as Tim sang 'Send Revival start with me'; I wept as God showed me His compassion for this wounded nation. God is healing the land, bringing down the dividing walls and opening hungry hearts in preparation for the coming glory. It is so clear to us that God does not look on the outward appearance, ( affiliations, denominations or titles) but He does look on the heart. The people we spent time with, love His presence and love His Name. As always for us, relationships are what matter; we made new heart-connections and built on existing ones. We'll be back soon, as requested! We plan to go with the whole team in the summer.