Friday, 26 March 2010

Ireland March 2010

What a warm welcome we received again from our precious Irish family, old friends and new. We shared from the Word and prayed for people at 3 catholic house/prayer meetings and 2 free church meetings, enjoyed a prayer breakfast at 'My Father's House' and met up with  Pastor Joe Corry in Macroom for the 'Revival Ireland' conference. A couple from N Ireland did a prophetic dance using the Irish flag as Tim sang 'Send Revival start with me'; I wept as God showed me His compassion for this wounded nation. God is healing the land, bringing down the dividing walls and opening hungry hearts in preparation for the coming glory. It is so clear to us that God does not look on the outward appearance, ( affiliations, denominations or titles) but He does look on the heart. The people we spent time with, love His presence and love His Name. As always for us, relationships are what matter; we made new heart-connections and built on existing ones. We'll be back soon, as requested! We plan to go with the whole team in the summer.