Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Joe & Laura Corry

-came to Newbury, Bath, Nailsea, Sandford & Bristol & as usual inspired, fired & made people merry! 2 people made Jesus Lord & encountered his amazing love for the first time, many were blessed & encouraged to press into their destiny.
In Newbury & Nailsea, Joe spoke on our authority, how we, the redeemed, are next in line only to God himself, with angels & demons below us in rank. He had verified words of knowledge for arthritis & Parkinson's, among other diseases, and Laura ministered powerfully in healing. He spoke to leaders on our need to have partners around us who we can trust, who will be with us & for us in the good times & the bad, who are not just along for the ride & their own advantage.
In Sandford he stirred us up to follow our dream. We are all the richer for them having been with us.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Women who change the World: broken hearts making History

Testimonies from the day: utterly fab Sat was. It was a wonderful event and I hope the start of more to come!! I absolutely loved praying for the ladies that came my way and seeing the miracles that God was doing for them. Thank you for putting me there. Iwas so nervous...but our God is amazing and it's him at work not me anyways! Lots of Love, God Bless,  LG

Thanks for a wonderful day; H & I felt like royalty! It was the special touches like the distinguished gentleman in his bow tie taking our coat, the nicely decorated tables, the area for ministry and chocolate! It was evident how much time you & your team had spent in blessing us. God spoke to H & I,  - me through Laura & H who could identify with Judi. We were touched by His love and are now full of FIRE!!!! looking forward to seeing you soon, AB

Thanks you so much for arranging the day. It truly was inspiring and challenging, to hear how our God in His mercy and grace can restore and set free anyone who willingly comes to Him with an open heart. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to lead & guide you in the future. God bless you, Love in Jesus, JS

It has changed my life, I will never be the same. I felt like I was wearing an old coat - I was so comfortable & it 'fit' me - Judi who shared her moving, miraculous story of a transformed life.

I had a blessed time ministering at the women's conference after I shared my testimony! we prayed for ladies for over 3 hours, and the Lord moved in power. the other 2 speakers gave wonderful testimonies & the meal was gorgeous too. God is so good. The venue looked really beautiful, it was like a wedding with flowers, gems, silk hangings & ribbons etc so that all the ladies felt extra special. Laura M

Thank you so very much for organising, setting up and battling the faith muscles for us for the ladies' day in Nailsea. It was so encouraging to hear again how almighty our God is and that as we turn to Him, He smashes the enemy down again and again. Praise His name, and it was fun to see arms & legs comme into alignment. We saw a leg come into line on Sunday morning at the end of the service. So exciting when you actually see it move (people also felt movement & pain went) I'm sure my faith was stronger because of Saturday. Much love JB

You did a great job. I was telling them at the Way church this evening and all the ladies including the pastor's wife want to come next time. thank you so much from Darryl & me for having us and giving me the opportunity to do what I always dreamed of doing, that is preaching and cooking. Everything was fantastic, who knows where God will take us next. I think it was so amazing. Love and God bless, Veronica

Thank you for your prayers for the immediate shock & trauma - that went immediately! Praise God. I had been curious why God wanted me there, but B's (husband) friend visited our house (never normally happens) and asked me what I thought about spiritualism and mediums! His mother had been caught up in this for a great many years and his Christian wife felt very uncomfortable around her and the people she associates with. One of these makes predictions on matters they were considering which left them both with a chilled feeling. we had a very interesting chat about Jesus being the light and the importance of not being enticed into these areas of darkness - meanwhile B was getting redder and shaking his head vigorously as he does not believe in the existence of Jesus or the devil. I think it might well open up more conversations in the future. Yes, I was meant to learn about all that stuff - thank you Patti for a marvellous day. hope to see you again soon, LC  

I had a wonderful time on saturday. God healed tendonitus in my right arm, also I had been going through quite a bad time health wise generally for the last few months, which in turn had affected my finances, and my emotional/mental health. I had recently had a serious go at God, I blame Him for allowing me to be ill/not healing me more quickly. I was getting out of the depression -I find that depression is often connected quite closely with anger - and booked my day with you. I was still struggling to imagine a hope and a future, despite what it says in Jeremiah 29:11, so when I came on Saturday I was looking for a gleam of light. I asked God for a word and the person that prayed got 3 pictures. I do have a clearer picture of what I'm meant to do, if it comes about it will all be Him, as my circumstances do not lend themselves to the 'vision'. Thanks also for the dancing, you may have spotted me practcing what I have learned of Turkish belly dancing and the lovely curry. send my compliments to those involved  MH