Monday, 12 January 2015

Prophetic and Angelic visions

Apologies that we have not kept the Blog up to date with these, but have only sent them out by email. Now that I'm getting the hang of using my tablet, I expect to change this - & hopefully add pictures!

HOPE Silent Night national initiative

Leafleted whole village & district with invites to the Silent Night Sing along at the Falkland Inn.
God BLESS & prosper landlords Jane & John who welcomed us so warmly!
Night was a great success, pub was full, people joining in animatedly  ('Where have you been? You're so LIVELY, just what this village needs') & listening intently to the moving narrative juxtaposing the WW1 Christmas Truce with the first Christmas story, & reading the WW1 & modern testimonies on each table. One young man told a friend who came in at the end "AW, you missed the JOY " & did a little dance!
We've been asked back next year!


Supported Remembrance service at local CofE church, took large pencil WW1 drawing by Andy's Grandad at their request. Good to be involved locally.

When all the streams flow as one river to wash away our brokenness

PRAYING for our area, Celtic style each week with wonderful local Anglican vicar, 2 churchwardens & sometimes a local Lady whose husband is also a believer & is very active in the House of Lords.
Honoured to be invited in October to be part of Morning Star Europe apostolic hubs. Blessed time in Rugby as we shared with Alias & Rob Cress well & 6 others what God is doing amongst us all, and the way forward. Greater things to come!
Barnstaple Living Wells we loved spending time with you, sharing His passionate love for you & encouraging you to go for all He has for you. You're special to God & to us. Thank you Dave n Maggie for entrusting the people to us! God has GOOD plans for you all!
Firestarters in Kent was AMAZING!! People were so hungry & appreciative they pulled on the JOY & LIFE of Jesus & got a double dose! Can't wait to return in March & May for the next explosion! God BLESS you Mark & Belen & New Life Rain ham!