Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bethel Blaze 'n Glory!

Patti & Andy are Sonburnt with His presence, love, goodness, affirmation and creativity after 3 wonderful weeks at Bethel church, Redding, California. A place where everyone is celebrated, not tolerated, and where the gold in you is drawn out to shine for His glory.
There were surprises, like, a rediscovery of a gift for poetry writing, visions of the angels who stand round those who live for Revival, hearing from God through the Arts, including Culinary!
Prophecy is a continuous air-flow in this atmosphere of encouragement and risk-taking; we were moved to tears by a child's spot-on words from the God Who sees.

We will be sharing from our time there at

Backwell Methodist church, Thursday May 19th, 7:30pm
Sandford, Sunday May 22nd, 3pm

Also - Joint meeting at Sandford with Andrew Leakey and team, 12th June
bring & share lunch at 12, baptism, worship and a swim in the pool if you're braver than most!