Thursday, 26 July 2012

Patti went to Peterborough for the weekend at the invitation of Veronica & Darryl Hewins. (They cooked the Indian meal at the Women's Day & Veronica shared her testimony.) Martin came too, as Andy had to work. We held a meeting in their church building for their Asian friends as well as some of the church. The presence of God was beautiful in the worship, led by Martin, and people were responsive to Patti's teaching on 'Hope'. We pray/prophesied over many at the end.
On Sunday we joined the church and were honoured to be asked by Pastor Claudia to pray for them as a church. Martin was led to ask to pray for Claudia and his wife, they were both moved on by the Holy Spirit as we spoke words of life over them. He invited others to receive prayer. He gave Martin his card and asked us to come back to take a church weekend.
We went to a Centre for homeless people in the afternoon, after their lunch, Martin led the 'Kitchen choir' in a couple of songs, then I spoke on being the friend of God and coming home to our real Father. I started by telling them how unique they are, and that no-one else had their fingerprints; one wag said, 'The Police do!' I'd wanted to start with a joke to relax them but couldn't think of one! We all laughed together. As I urged them to experience His love for themselves, the Holy Spirit was on each of them, there was a hushed stillness in the room. One girl responded for salvation, and as I laid hands on her, she staggered - there was a weight of God's presence there. Then I went round all of them, blessing them with the Father's love and goodness, only a few declined. Beautiful Jesus.