Monday, 9 January 2012

Great Britain turns back to God!

There is a return to love & respect for the Royal family, prophetic of a return to love & respect for the King of kings. The Queen had a very successful year - the wedding of William & Kate spoke of marriage being held in honour again, after previous Royal divorces and resulting loss of respect; the Queen's visit to Ireland won the hearts of the people as she honoured them by dressing in green speaking in Irish and bowing her head at the memorial to those killed in conflict with - Britain. She identified with them and they showed their appreciation.. 
There is a revival of celebration associated with the Union Jack; it has become popular again, not just with tourists!
David Cameron has been quoted as saying that Britain is a Christian Nation! He made a strong stand in the EU recently to protect Britain's best interests, despite media protest and accusation.
The Christian Institute has won several significant legal battles, standing for Christian freedom of expression and conscience.
Over Christmas there have been significantly Christian events on TV. The Christmas Day Big Sing saw a packed Royal Albert Hall resounding with God's praise with some cracking Revival hymns being proclaimed across the Nation!
The Queen's speech was overtly Christian, Gospel even! No politically correct apologetic watering down this year!
A National newspaper, The Telegraph, printed a full page article on reasons for hope in the Nation! This reminded me of a recent prophecy - 'Good News in the media'! We're seeing it! What we've longed for is happening! The tide has turned, the pendulum is swinging the other way.
Britain will be saved.