Friday, 14 May 2010

The cloud is rising

We are celebrating what God did last night amongst HIS people, HIS Body. We revel in the transformation taking place in people's lives - an inner transformation that is showing on the outside - people are rising and shining! The glorious liberty of the sons of God is beginning to manifest and we will see more and more in the days to come. We see the beginnings of Revival, though it is a cloud as 'small as a man's hand' yet it is rising.

It was a true freedom meeting, where the only leader was the Holy Spirit. Restoration Blueprint see our role in Nailsea as facilitators, to encourage and envision HIS people and to help release what is already in them.
We heard glorious testimonies of  healing, of provision and restoration. The atmosphere of love, trust and acceptance opened the way for new gifts to be exercised. Every contribution was inspired and inspiring. The Restoration Blueprint dream is being fulfilled! All glory to God, Jesus is getting His Church back.