Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Joe & Laura Corry

-came to Newbury, Bath, Nailsea, Sandford & Bristol & as usual inspired, fired & made people merry! 2 people made Jesus Lord & encountered his amazing love for the first time, many were blessed & encouraged to press into their destiny.
In Newbury & Nailsea, Joe spoke on our authority, how we, the redeemed, are next in line only to God himself, with angels & demons below us in rank. He had verified words of knowledge for arthritis & Parkinson's, among other diseases, and Laura ministered powerfully in healing. He spoke to leaders on our need to have partners around us who we can trust, who will be with us & for us in the good times & the bad, who are not just along for the ride & their own advantage.
In Sandford he stirred us up to follow our dream. We are all the richer for them having been with us.