Monday, 12 April 2010

Nailsea Freedom meeting, pursuing His presence

Worship, testimony and Holy Spirit encounters at Nailsea URC in  April. We were changed from glory to glory as we looked into the face of the King. Beautiful sense of His presence, melodic harmonies rising from every heart - no need for a special choir! Celtic prophetic song, testimonies of changed lives, homes and church. Prophetic word given to 2 people simultaneously to open the eyes of our hearts to see Jesus in each other, recognise Him and celebrate Him in each other!
A church leader told how Restoration Blueprint is his lifeline as he gets to meet with people pursuing the same goals. People have taken God at His word and risen to the challenge, now life is an adventure! Our Father delights in using those who others would discount and disqualify, the 'things that are not' to do great exploits in His Name. He reads hearts, He overlooks no-one, each is valued, honoured and esteemed in His eyes.