Monday, 1 August 2011

Team Weekend away in Wales

Restoration Blueprint team have been together for over 3 years now - and it keeps getting better. Together we've weathered the storms of life and conflicts that reveal our own insecurities and failings, but instead of disintegrating and pulling apart when the going gets tough, we draw closer together and add strength to one another.

We are committed to team. We have discovered there is nothing like it - except family, it's in God's heart and part of His plan. In relational conflicts, what the evil one intends for evil, to break apart and destroy, when we submit to Christ's Love in us God turns to good and salvation for many. If you're in a relational conflict, speak in tongues - it confuses the enemy and prevents him from using your words against you, twisting and perverting their intended meaning. Leviathon, that twisting, coiling serpent who causes the sea to churn and boil is rendered powerless when we speak in tongues. Victory is ours!